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commercial vehicle repair liverpool, merseyside

Based in Liverpool, Merseyside, we provide fantastic commercial vehicle repairs across the north-west. We have more than 50 years of experience, and this means that we’re able to serve you effectively. Our expert team is full of commercial specialists, and this is how you know you’re in safe hands. When you choose S & I Hodgkin Ltd, you’re guaranteed a quality service, so call us today.

Where We’re Based

We’re based in Seaforth, in Liverpool, Merseyside, and from here we serve the whole of the north-west. Our location is just five minutes away from the VOSA inspection site at the M57/ M58 junction, known locally as Switch Island. We’re also just two minutes from the dock gates, so there’s no hold-up if you’re on your way somewhere important.

commercial vehicle repair liverpool, merseyside

Experienced and Approved

With more than 50 years of experience in commercial vehicle repairs, we’ve developed a complete, approved service workshop to be proud of. From specialised repairs to MOT preparations, we’re able to take care of everything. All hydraulic services are catered for, including pipe changes, valve blocks, ram re-seals, and fault diagnosis, and this means that a great service is guaranteed.

ABS and EBS Diagnostics and Support

In recent years, trucks and trailers have evolved in to a complex standard. As an award winning company, we’ve developed a comprehensive service for trucks and trailer diagnostic, service, and support. We’re also agents for WABCO, Haldex, and Knorr-Bremse, and this allows us to offer the best service.

Excellent Software

We use dealer-level laptops and software, and our highly-trained personnel have experience in all aspects of diagnostics. We’re back by investments in the latest technology, and this allows us to provide a first time fix.

Great Hardware

Our company holds a comprehensive stock of spare parts for every system on the road today. This enables us to repair systems on the spot, and to diagnose problems quickly and easily.

Retrofitting Options

Safety issues are paramount in this field and to keep abreast of developments, retrofitting has become a popular option. Replacing obsolete, problematic, or old systems with EBS presents additional options such as anti-roll systems and enhanced tractor or trailer compatibility.

commercial vehicle repair liverpool, merseyside

Get in Touch Today

Although technology is ever advancing, older systems still require support. With one phone call to S & I Hodgkin Ltd, you’re able to have it all taken care of. Call us for a complete commercial vehicle repair service today.

To find out more about our commercial vehicle repair services, contact us, in Liverpool, Merseyside.

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